Using Laminate Floor Material for an Accent Wall

By Golden Town International L.P.

The creative use of laminate floor material on accent walls is at an all-time high, and, surprisingly, it has nothing to do with floor surfaces. Although commonly used for flooring, everyone from style-minded restaurant executives to high-end designers is installing laminate boards on walls.

A lot has changed in the flooring industry, and for one thing, laminate visuals are more realistic than ever. They offer the authentic look and feel of real hardwood visuals, and can seamlessly complement the beautiful look of wooden floors.

Various timber floor companies have made laminate flooring options adaptable for wall installation, effortlessly bringing incredible style to commercial spaces — from traditional flair and shabby-chic vibe to contemporary elegance and sleek modernism, just to name a few.

Stylistically, there have never been more options in laminate than there are right now — showcasing a vast variety of species, as well as countless rich shades, trend-savvy textures and unique plank size to fit the look of any property. It looks real…feels real and gives a space a more upscale and sophisticated appeal.

In addition, laminate floor material is easy to work with and install, relatively affordable and exceptionally strong, durable and easy to clean. It is with these reasons that it has earned its place in the pantheon of versatile and indispensable interior materials. Keep reading for stunning ways you can use laminate floor material to add depth, dimension and a WOW factor to your restaurant wall decor.

Start by planning

Cast aside traditional paint or wallpaper, creating an accent wall with laminate floor planks opens up your design options — they’re trendy, they’re stylish and they’re a great way to add texture and dimension to a room. Before installing, decide on a look for your laminate accent wall. During this stage of conceptualizing, you are truly only limited by your imagination.

Select a color palette for the room and choose the type of wood finish that will work with whatever one-of-a-kind restaurant interior style you imagine. Laminate flooring can be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

As a general rule, planks should be kept in the same room where they will be installed 48 hours prior to the installation to allow them to acclimate to the indoor environment. Thereafter, a design expert can work with you to breathe new life into your wall décor and take the aesthetic appeal of your restaurant establishment to new heights.

Where to install laminate flooring

An accent wall can become your interior’s showpiece and bring distinctive character to your space.  With an array of designs and multiple options for layout, colour and patterns, you’ll find endless ways to express your vision.

Dining area accent wall

Laminate walls will spruce up the cool factor and character of a restaurant’s dining space. In contemporary restaurants, installing a laminate accent wall lends a dramatic effect where the realistic wood visual really pops. The wall behind your bar can be the perfect spot to make a design statement with a feature wall — or laminate wall-like structures used as dividers between different seating areas.

Laminate planks look just as stunning when paired with indoor greenery. Green plants soften the hardwood-like presence and add an organic feel to the interior. Similarly, if you have hardwood floors, laminate accent wall in a contrasting but complementary color palette creates intrigue and can be the distinctive feature your customers will remember.

Kitchen backsplash and wall accent

The true beauty of laminate floor material is that it can be applied in any number of creative ways. It’s lightweight yet durable and strong, which makes it appropriate for a space that’s prone to spills and splashes. Product strength, rigidity and easy clean-up makes laminate planks ideal for kitchen backsplashes and accents. This look works best particularly in establishments with an open kitchen concept.

To achieve a modern finish, laminate and marble form the perfect partnership, with both materials bringing their distinctive flavor of the utilitarian aesthetic to the table. Think marble counter tops accentuated by a laminate feature wall… the results? The splendor and natural beauty of real hardwood visuals take center stage!

  • Shelving and inserts

If you like the idea of wood wall coverings but don’t want to commit to paneling an entire wall, you have an opportunity to do something creative. If your restaurant space has niches and display shelves, adding partial laminate covering to them captures that rustic yet modern midtown look.

With a more subtle application (compared to an entire accent wall), you can get as creative as you desire. You may want to opt for a bolder design for your inset to create dazzling contrast with the flat walls they’re built into. If you have multiple insets, alternating vertical and horizontal laminate installation creates a conversation piece and draws the eye.

Mounting accent wall

The walls behind the decorative mirrors, an art piece or a photo gallery are the perfect place for visually-engaging laminate boards. When employed in a light-duty capacity, such as adorning part of your wall surface, these decorative features can be enhanced to suit the refined look of your restaurant interior, the same way a picture is accented will a well-chosen frame.  

Bathroom accent wall

If you’re setting up a new establishment or working on a remodel, you’ve most likely come across the importance of bathroom design while doing some research. Restaurant bathrooms can feel cold and sterile, but they come to life when dressed with a gorgeous wall material.

The key to achieving a timeless yet modern look is to use high-quality laminate in different tones and textures. Pick one wall to serve as an accent, and layer the laminate planks in an unconventional way rather than a played-out vertical sequence. Transforming an empty wall into the focal point of the bathroom is a stunning stylistic choice that easily elevates the room into a warm and inviting space.

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