Inspiring Restaurant Interior Design Trends for 2020

By Golden Town International L.P.

In recent years, the restaurant scene across the globe has been offering a major dose of lifestyle inspiration as the industry constantly seeks to become competitive, efficient and sustainable. From innovative concepts, materials and color schemes, to the mood, the ambiance and the harmony between what you have on the table and what surrounds it.

Restaurant Interior Design Trends for 2020
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Design trends are becoming more and more influential on what we consider to be visually appealing. And while fads may be fleeting, they are a marker for great style — often living longer than expected — and aid in creating unique aesthetics that make dining out quite an astounding experience. 

Stylish environments that capture the imagination and offer an inviting social atmosphere not only keep patrons coming back for seconds, but also become destinations in their own right. Below are restaurant interior design trends that will prevail for the rest of 2020 and beyond, coupled with inspiring images of beautiful establishments across the globe.

Authenticity and storytelling

Crafting a compelling brand story through authenticity is becoming increasingly important than ever in a highly saturated and competitive market. In 2020, commercial designers have this in mind, and it’s well reflected through distinctive design concepts that bring guests right inside to experience the brand’s chosen narrative in multisensory ways.

Conscious consumers are more attuned to what is truly real; hence creating a unique space that drifts away from generic interiors is perhaps the easiest way to meet this demand. Reimaging the restaurant scene by designing to tell a story rather than designing to a prescribed theme means placing attention on the need to create a memorable experience from the moment patrons step through the door.

Restaurant Interior Design Trends for 2020
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In return, elevating your client’s dining experience helps them find a personal and emotional connection to your brand, which ultimately, wins their attention.

Biophilia as a design necessity

As research continues into the benefits of being surrounded by nature, the number of industry professionals who realize the need for biophilic design increases every year. 2020 is no different — more and more restaurant businesses are opting for design concepts that extend far beyond aesthetics.

Biophilia is an extremely valuable concept in restaurant design and reflects the trend towards sustainability and awareness. More importantly, it emphasizes the connection between indoor spaces and the natural environment, and how the two can never be divorced from one another.

Bringing in natural materials such as reclaimed wood and stone, lush greenery, organic shapes that mimic natural patterns and incorporating indoor water features is an essential first step towards making buildings more sustainable and healthy for both guests and employees.

Rich, plush textures

Velvet finishes have been creeping up our interior wish-lists for a while now; from statement sofas and inviting banquettes to ultra-soft dining chairs with a streamlined profile. In 2020 we’ll witness a mix of sumptuous velvet with other textural materials for visual weight and a good balance of tactile play.

Restaurant Interior Design Trends for 2020
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Velvet finishes are an effortless blend of sophisticated flair and comfort. And we aren’t referring to the old red crushed velvet upholstery of yesteryear. In the new season, color options make the sensual sheen of velvet that much more alluring… think vibrant pinks, soothing blues, striking orange, warm shades of taupe or an enveloping deep green paired beautifully with the sparkle of metallic accents to lend an instant glam vibe even in the most simple of spaces.

Endless color variations

Color trends for restaurant interior design in 2020 are here to create memorable visual landscapes that help restaurant establishments stand out. Studying how colors will affect patrons is a central component of a successful culinary business.

This year’s predictions are leaning towards finding a sweet spot between minimalism and maximalism — with rich, warmer color palettes taking on a distinctly edgier tone and neutral hues adding much needed natural element to space.

Restaurant Interior Design Trends for 2020
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Forest green, crimson, mustard, and bold sapphire are warming up dining spaces across the world (as they’re deliciously Instagrammable); lending a more intimate ambiance that’s perfect for trendy cocktail bars and romantic bistros.

Eye-catchy lighting

Lighting is essential in any functional space — it transforms the entire atmosphere and sets the mood. There’s a definite trend that features a characteristic mix of different lighting styles: classic, modern, vintage or ethnic. Incorporating contrasting elements offers a dynamic and eye-catchy touch to the scheme of things.

Restaurant Interior Design Trends for 2020
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At the same time, customizable high tech LED ambient lighting is all the rage this season. Depending on the desired effect, opting for warm lighting adds a subtle touch warmth and cozy to space. Accent lights can be utilized to add drama, especially when used to put an extra shine on an art piece.

Warm, wood finishes

With customers being more design-informed than ever, sustainable furniture and other interior elements are features that they wish to see in dining spaces. Beyond being environmentally-friendly, wood elements are timeless and offer a truly cozy and atmospheric feel.

Restaurant Interior Design Trends for 2020
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Designers and restaurant executives are embracing wood and using it in inventive and versatile ways; everything from chairs and tables to wall, ceiling and flooring design. In 2020, we’ll see so much timber mixed with sleek, modern material to create the perfect layered look that effortlessly ushers in a sense of grandeur and opulence.

So, those are some of Restaurant Interior Design Trends for 2020 you should follow to have a very good interactive interior design for your restaurant.

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